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The Finance & Accounts departments in the Railways plays an Integral Role in rendering timely financial advices, proper maintenance of accounts of the Railway in terms of earnings and expenditure and provide management information for decision making.
The Functions of the Accounts Department may be categorized broadly as follows: -

1.Budgeting of earnings and expenditure.

2.Keeping the Accounts and compilation thereof at the end of each financial period as       per well established procedures and formats.

3.Internal check of all transactions, both receipts and expenditure.

4.Scrutiny of investment proposals.

5.MIS Reporting.

Priority list .
Seniority List of Group 'C' staff       
O.O. NO. NG/40 of 2017 for transfer and posting 
O.O. NO. 412/GAZ for transfer and posting of officers
Result of Appendix-2(IREM) Examination-2016
O/O No. 413/Gaz look after duties of FA&CAO/F&B 
O.O.NO. NG/45 of 2017 for transfer of Post 
 O.O. NO. NG/46 of 2017 for transfer and posting  
O.O.No. 414/Gaz regarding implementation of GST
O.O.No. 415/Gaz regarding transfer and posting
O.O.No. 416/Gaz regarding temporary arrangement                     
O.O.No. NG/55of 2017                 
Notification regarding selection of ASV for 2017                       
O.O. No. 418/Gaz regarding transfer & posting
Panel seniority of Appendix-2(IREM) Examination-2016 qualified Accounts Clerk for promotion to the post of Junior Accounts Assistant, G.P 2800/-(Level-5)
Extension of date for submission of application for selection to the post of Accounts Stock Verification
O.O.No. 420/Gaz regarding transfer and posting
Seniority list of Group 'D' staff
O.O. No. 421/Gaz regarding transfer and posting
O.O.No. 422-Gaz
O.O.No.427 Gaz dtd 05.01.2018.pdf
Provisional inter se seniority.pdf
Result of Typing speed test of junior Accounts Assistant and Accounts Clerks-2017
O.O no.428-Gaz.pdf

O.O.No.436 dated 09.04.18.pdfO.O No. Araj ./57/2018 dated 12.04.18

O.O.No. 438 GAZ.pdf
O.O.No. 439 Gaz.pdf
O.O.No. 440 Gaz.pdf

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